Due to the sensitive nature surrounding death, many issues can arise

that take skilled negotiation and in some cases, litigation.


When we lose the ones we love, emotions run high and decision making can become delayed or compromised. During this difficult time, our experienced team will step in, implement the plan we helped you develop or guide you through whatever web was woven as part of your plan.  Due to the sensitive nature surrounding death, may issues can arise that take skilled negotiation and in some cases, litigation.

Our lawyers have handled cases in which our clients have contested a will, sought to challenge competence of the decedent at the time certain documents were executed, as well as a wide array of other issues.

Some property does not require probate court assistance to be transferred.  For example, assets held in trust, by way of joint tenancy or with rights of survivorship.  However, our Estate Administration Team can assist you with cost-effecting and compassionate legal services.

With years of experience in Probate Court, our team is able to help open the estate, assemble and inventory the estate assets, manage creditor claims and advise fiduciaries of his/her responsibilities.

We can help you decide if adult guardianship is something that would fit your legal needs and help you preserve what you have worked so hard to accumulate.

Come speak to our team to determine issues important to you and your family prior to the needing probate court to sort things out after your death.  With our assistance, we can offer solutions to give you peace of mind, which are both financially conservative and practical.


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