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How Do I Qualify for Drug Court in Franklin County?

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In order for the courts to deal with root causes of crimes, usually drug and alcohol usage, and lessen the impact of drug and or/alcohol use on the level of crime, the Franklin County Common Pleas Court instituted a drug court called TIES (Treatment is Essential to Success) program.   Because not all charges qualify, to be eligible to participate in TIES, the Defendant must meet the following requirements:

  • The felony must be a 4th or 5th degree
  • The Defendant must show motivation to complete the program and to want to change
  • The Defendant must have a chemical dependency or addiction to the drugs
  • Domestic violence cases are handled case–by–case
  • Defendant meets the criteria for “Presumption for probation” per sentencing guidelines
  • Non-violent, non-sexually oriented charges
  • Non-gun-related charges
  • No significant history of violent crimes or drug trafficking

TIES is an alternative to jail time penalties for dependent offenders.  If the Defendant qualifies, he or she may be able to attend TIES, a program of three twelve-week Phases designed to help make healthy lifestyle choices. The interaction with the Court is lessened through the Phases.  Most participants will complete the TIES program in eighteen-weeks.  If the participate effectively completes the TIES program, the charges may be dropped or even reduced.  For more information regarding the TIES program, visit this link or contact our offices for a consultation.  Entry into a TIES program, or similar,  is a privilege not a right and therefore not all drug/alcohol related offenses qualify.  Please contact our firm for more information.

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