Living Will, Health, & General Powers of Attorney

We have the professionalism, expertise & sympathy to help you

delegate sensitive decisions to those whom you love and trust.


Living Will, Health, & General Powers of Attorney

Advanced Directives include:

  • Medical Power of Attorney or Healthcare Power of Attorney
  • Living Will
  • Donor Registry Election
  • Final Disposition Authorization and Instructions (Burial vs. Cremation)
  • HIPAA Authorization and Waivers


The lawyers at Lardiere McNair have personally experienced situations where having Advanced Directives completed have helped alleviate unnecessary unknowns during stressful times for family members.  We are here to help you document your wishes and assist you in delegating decision making ability to those whom you love and trust.

If you are temporarily incapacitated due to an accident or medical condition, the existence of a Medical Power of Attorney will grant your delegates the ability to make medical decisions for you and communicate with medical professionals on your behalf.  The Medical PoA will also allow your delegate to make life and death decisions for you should you become permanently unconscious or terminally ill.  If you desire to make life and death decisions before your loved ones are faced with that decision, you may execute a Living Will, wherein you direct medical staff to follow your wishes and ‘pull the plug’ and allow you to die naturally, without artificial or technological life-sustaining measures.



Our Advanced Directive package allows you to make decisions about organ donation as well as burial vs. cremation.  According to a 2012 study of funeral directors, people are desiring more and more [upwards of 70% by 2030[1] to be cremated due to “costs of the traditional burial and the increasing mobility of the population and changes in societal attitudes”[2]. You can also provide details of any prior arrangements you have made and you may designate the persons to carry-out your wishes.

If you have a family member who may be on the decline or who needs help managing his or her affairs, we can help you with a General Power of Attorney.  A General Power of Attorney will allow the named Attorney in Fact to act on behalf of the loved one who needs help, in all or some of his or her financial matters.  These documents can be drafted to be in effect upon execution or to ‘spring’ into effect upon incapacitation.

Our lawyers understand how incredibly sensitive these matters can be and our clients report feedback to us that let us know we handle these issues with professionalism, sympathy, and expertise.

[1] Compared to 4% cremation rate in the 1960’s.