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Divorce Filing Requirements

To file a Complaint for divorce, the party must have been a resident of the State of Ohio for at least six months prior to the filing, and it must be filed in the county where the party has lived for at least ninety days prior to the filing of the Complaint.

Temporary Orders Hearing

After you have filed, the Court typically sets a temporary orders hearing to address any matters that need to be addressed temporarily. This can be negotiated between the parties or court may issue temporary order affidavits.

Divorce Pre-Trial & Discovery

The case is set for a pre-trial where the case is presented to the Judge for help moving to a final status. Parties exchange information to determine financial assets and obligations, as well as materials relating to parenting concerns with minor children.

Divorce Dealing With Minor Children

In cases involving minor children, if the parties cannot agree on parental rights and responsibilities, the parties and/or the court may appoint a Guardian ad Litem to enter the case and protect the best interests of said minor children. A parenting coach and/or coordinator may also be utilized, and in some cases, financial experts may need to be utilized, accounts valued, and/or the parties may be subject to a psychological/custody evaluation.

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