Post Decree Modification

Situations arise where you may need the court to modify provisions

of your divorce or dissolution decree, let us help!

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Post Decree Modification

Sometimes, due to a change of circumstances not anticipated before the final divorce or dissolution decree is filed, the parties may need to come back to court for a modification.  Perhaps your ex-spouse loses his or her job and is not making child and or spousal support payments.  Perhaps he or she has remarried and the arrangements made in your shared parenting plan are no longer being met or have changed.  There are many potential situations where you may need the court to modify provisions of your current court order.

The Best Interest of the Children

The party seeking to modify the court order must show the court that a change of circumstances has occurred and the order should be modified.  In cases where shared parenting is in effect and will remain undisturbed, and change of circumstances may not be required to modify the plan so that the plan remains in the best interest of the child/children.

If you believe a change of circumstances has occurred, call our firm to set up a consultation.  We will determine whether your situation is indeed a change in circumstances that will require a modification of your court orders.