Domestic Violence & Civil Protection Orders

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Domestic Violence & Civil Protection Orders

If you are a victim of domestic violence or have been served with a temporary civil protection order against you, please contact our office to schedule an appointment and seek legal advice.


Civil Protection Order

A Civil Protection Order or a “CPO” is also known as a restraining order.  If it arises out of a situation with a household or family member, it will often be held in Domestic Relations Court and sometimes referred to as a DVCPO.  A DVCPO prevents someone from contacting his/her spouse, live-in significant other, or any other live-in family members.  The DVCPO will prevent him/her from contacting any protected person through the telephone, in person, texting, electronic mail or even using a third person to contact.  The DVCPO will also prevent him/her from entering the shared residence.

Temporary Protection Order

If a criminal case arises out of a domestic dispute, the criminal court can also issue a temporary protection order or TPO as a condition of the alleged wrongdoer’s bond or probation.  This type of protection is different than a DVCPO



Civil Stalking Protection Order

A completely different type of protection order is also known as a Civil Stalking Protection Order, or CSPO.  This type of protection results from menacing by stalking behavior exhibited by one party to another where there is no domestic acquaintance.  For example, between co-workers, neighbors, or in the context of domestic relations, between a parent and the other parent’s significant other.  These cases are heard in the Common Pleas court, General Division.  Hearings are held in front of a Magistrate or Judge ex-parte (without the alleged wrongdoer present) and ultimately set for a full, contested hearing.   These CSPOs can also involve unwanted sexual contact instead of the stalking elements.  Our firm has extensive experience in prosecuting and defending parties who need this scope of representation.