Insurance Claims

We have over 50 years' combined experience representing

victims of questionable tactics by insurance carriers.


Insurance Claims

Our team has over 50 years of combined experience in handling insurance claims for business owners and individuals. When you buy a commercial property or homeowners' insurance policy, you expect the insurance company to stand behind you when disaster strikes. When that does not happen, we stand ready to help. In many situations and for many reasons, insurance carrier’s look for the reasons to deny – and not pay claims.

With our experience, our lawyers represent businesses, individuals, and families that have been victims of questionable tactics by insurance carriers.

There are various reasons that an insurance company will deny or delay payment of legitimate claims, such as:

  • Denying that a valid claim is covered under the policy
  • Delaying investigation or payment of a claim
  • Paying only partial benefits for a claim

In many instances, if we are brought on board early on, we can assist in getting claims adjusted promptly and fairly.