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We consistently consult with parties who want to terminate a marriage, but they have already come to an agreement with their spouse, or they believe they can get there with an equitable proposal and amicable discussion. These type of parties are perfect candidates for a dissolution.


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No Fault Grounds For Dissolution

Dissolution is a way to terminate the marriage by agreement, with no fault-grounds necessary. The Parties can simply be incompatible or have lived separate and apart for one year or more. However, both parties must agree to all of the terms of a separation agreement and parenting plan if minor children are involved. The separation agreement divides all assets and liabilities. The parenting plan discusses all matters related to the minor children of the marriage, including custody, visitation and support.

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Filing A Petition

To file a petition for dissolution, the parties must establish residency in the State of Ohio for at least six months prior to the filing and it must be filed in the county where at least one party has lived for at least ninety days prior to the filing.

Drafting A Separation Agreement

A final separation agreement divides all personal and real property, sets forth a determination of spousal support, and divides all liabilities. The parties are required to make a full and accurate disclosure of all property and financial assets and obligations to each other. For minor children, rights, responsibilities, visitation, and support are determined.

Drafting Required Documents

After the separation agreement and shared parenting plan (if necessary) are executed, we will draft all of the necessary documents for filing the dissolution. All court filings in Ohio require service of process on each party and in a dissolution, the parties may sign a waiver of service to attach to the dissolution filing.

Setting A Final Hearing

After the dissolution is filed, a final hearing must be set no earlier than thirty days but no longer than ninety days after the filing. Both parties must attend the final hearing. Most counties in Ohio allow the parties to meet with a retired Judge at an attorney’s office.

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-Steve Whittman, Director of Operations, Link-age

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