You need a strong advocate with a personal & pragmatic approach

to help protect your reputation & your criminal record.

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Bad things happen to good people – that is where we come in to help.  If you are experiencing a situation that requires your court appearance, you owe it to yourself to have competent, credible counsel on your side.  What you say to the police can and will be used against you – you need a mouthpiece and strong advocate to help protect your reputation as well as your criminal record.

Our lawyers have experience in a wide variety of traffic offenses from minor violations, to driver’s license issues and suspensions, to hit/skip, to OMVI/DUI.  You should know your rights prior to needing to exercise them.  If you have already been charged, you need to make sure the scrutiny stops as soon as possible.


Drinking and Driving as well as 'Drugged Driving' are serious offenses that require skilled representation.  Our criminal defense team has experience in challenging the constitutionality of the entire case from the stop, to the field sobriety tests, to the blood/breath alcohol collection devices.  We are familiar with the guidelines established by the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration and fight for you to ensure the rules were substantially complied with.

When the facts require it, our team is dedicated to seeing your case through to the end, even if that means all the way to a trial by judge or jury.  You need to understand the penalties as well as your rights.  Our team takes a personal and pragmatic approach to ensure that you feel as comfortable as you can during these situations.

Check out this article from 2014 in the Columbus Dispatch with statistics about OVI cases in Franklin County: