Contract Creation and Negotiation

We leverage 40+ years experience to tailor &

successfully negotiate contracts with your goals in mind.

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Contract Creation and Negotiation

After we form your business, we can draft, review, and negotiate contracts with third parties to ensure the protection of your business.  Your business is your life; you should make sure it is sufficiently protected.  We draft, negotiate, and review contracts for a wide array of clients, spanning over various different industries.  Additionally, we can draft and review severance agreements for your business.  Running a business inevitably will involve contracts with a number of different people and entities for many reasons, including:

  • Operating a business with vendor and technology contracts
  • Obtaining financing for the business through banks, venture capitalists, and more
  • Entering into employment contracts and incentive plans with employees and independent contractors
  • Buying, selling, and merging your business
  • Protecting IP and customer lists through Non-Disclosure, Confidentiality, and Non-Compete Agreements


We Share Your Goals

Our skilled attorneys successfully negotiate contracts with your goals in mind.  They use facts, not feelings.  They rely on research and preparation to obtain leverage.  They maintain quality relationships to find points of agreement.  They prioritize what you want out of the negotiation.

When our firm drafts a contract, we rely on our over 40 years of combined experience to tailor the contract to your needs.  We don’t reinvent the wheel.  We find what works and apply it your situation.