Corporate Collections

Our aggressive strategy is effective in returning well-earned

dollars to your pocket while retaining clients!

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Corporate Collections

As your business grows, you inevitably will have clients who will refuse to pay for your services.  We can aid you with corporate collection work.  While collection work may appear straightforward, it is actually a heavily regulated industry governed by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.  Our lawyers have been trained to provide you with sophisticated representation with their knowledge of the FDCPA.

Collection work can be a tricky practice to navigate.  We understand that our clients are trying to grow their business so we never want to chase away the customers of our clients.  However, our aggressive strategy is effective in returning well-earned dollars to our clients.  Our strategy typically begins with a letter (which must contain proper elements under the FDCPA) to allow the customer to respond without damaging the relationship.

If our initial collection work is not effective in obtaining your payments, we have the staff on site to litigate against the debtor.  Additionally, we can provide quality advice on general business matters for your business, including whether to pursue collection matters further.