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Alternative Dispute Resolution Services at Lardiere McNair

By adding a mediation practice to Lardiere McNair’s slate of legal services, we now offer an alternative to the cost, time, and stress of full-blown litigation. By offering reasonable flat fees to conduct mediations and a facility with free parking which is easily accessible from I-270, we can eliminate the stress of going downtown and replace it with a predictable cost and a more comfortable experience. Because we have ample space to accommodate multiple parties at the same time, state of the art technology to join parties, counsel, and witnesses no matter where they are in the world, we can ensure that everyone who needs to be involved can be, with minimal cost and delay.

Chris Lardiere possesses years of experience in courtrooms, corporate boardrooms, and at the negotiating table.  Chris is now willing to use that experience to assist others with conflict resolution.  His ability to listen helps him to not only identify, but solve, complex problems. By listening and applying his experiences, we believe Chris to be properly suited to mediate many civil disputes, including simple to complex commercial disputes, personal injury, professional liability and other issues.  His approach is to listen and to cut to the chase so that both sides get to the point without wasting time with procedural issues or irrelevant details. Finally, his demonstrated respect for the position of all parties will hopefully give those parties the confidence that their cases were heard by independent party with no agenda other than to try to resolve their conflict.

It is the rare client who comes into our office for the first time really itching to go to court. They may think that going to court is the only way they can get the outcome they want, but they are rarely excited about the prospect of litigation. Clients know that litigation often lives up to its reputation as time-consuming, expensive, and frustrating, and in the end there is no guarantee that either party will get a satisfactory outcome.

We are excited to offer this practice to you as part of our commitment to being a full-service law firm. For more information about the firm in general, including Chris’ experience, community service and awards, please visit our webpage.  If you have questions about alternative dispute resolution or you have an issue that could benefit from mediation, visit our website at or give us a call at (614) 534-1355.

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