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Are you eligible for expungement?

In Ohio, the court process used to remove a criminal record from public view is called “sealing of conviction record,” and it is valuable for anyone looking to get a fresh start. For example, with a sealed conviction record, you are not required to disclose your criminal past in any application for employment, unless it is with respect to convictions not sealed or the question bears a direct and substantial relation to the position for which you are being considered.

In Ohio, sealing of criminal record is available to “Eligible Offenders”. Generally speaking, individuals who may have been convicted of no more than five felonies of the fourth and fifth degrees, such as burglary and receiving stolen property, as well as an unlimited number of misdemeanors, can apply for the sealing of the record.

Certain offenses, including, but not limited to, those involving violent or sex crimes, felonies of the first, second, or third-degree, traffic and automobile offenses, such as speeding, and operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs, are not eligible for record sealing.

Sealing your record is an important tool even if the charge was dismissed or there was an acquittal, as the record of your being charged remains as public record.

If you have a criminal record, contact Lardiere McNair DiNicola & Stonebrook, Ltd., LPA so we can discuss whether you may be eligible and assist you through the process.

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