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Less Litigation – Try Harder?

For the lawyers at Lardiere McNair, the ultimate question is, “What is in the best financial and emotional interest of our client?” We will always go to bat for the best interests of our clients. Whether or not that means costly litigation.

In Ohio courts, lawsuits are on the rapid decline. In 2014, cases filed in Ohio Common Pleas courts dropped by 23.6 percent. In 2014, the 20th highest jury award in Ohio was $9,500 for an auto accident case. As reported by Columbus Business First, from information compiled from the Ohio Supreme Court, Lexis and Westlaw. Common Pleas courts include general division, criminal, domestic relations, juvenile, and probate divisions. Are clients less litigious? Are lawyers less aggressive? Are there less lawyers? Are the lawyers not trying hard enough? What’s happening?

According to other Ohio law firms, the decline in litigation is due to many reasons, all because of the advancement of technology, and resolution resources. With advancements in technology, there are an abundance of places from which to request documents during discovery. Electronically stored information is expensive to obtain and sift through. The legal fees expended on discovery (including depositions) is so steep and often times too expensive and emotionally damaging for clients.

Additionally, many courts require, offer and encourage alternate dispute resolution methods. They may require mediation as a step in litigation. Additionally, some cases can only be arbitrated, never to see a court room.

On the flip side, some Ohio attorneys hold that settlement amounts are higher now than they would have 7-8 years ago.

Despite being a full service law firm that primarily focuses on litigation, we at Lardiere McNair will always consider the method best suitable for our client.

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