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Preparing Your Business for a Second Wave of COVID-19

As Ohio’s economy attempts to bounce back from the COVID-19 government-mandated Stay at Home Order, medical experts predict a “second wave” of COVID-19 cases in the United States.

The Spring 2020 Stay at Home order ordered by Governor DeWine prohibited any business from operating less they be deemed “essential”. The unprecedented time period left most non-essential businesses in disarray – most of them not having adequate plans in place to handle the setback.

In the event that a second Stay at Home Order takes effect in the latter part of 2020, Lardiere McNair is here to provide guidance on a number of COVID-19 related topics that will prepare your business to adapt to another change in circumstances:

Work-from-Home Policy: Are you and your employees prepared to transition back to working from home? Do you have a written policy or agreement with your employees outlining such?

Furlough Letter/Policy: Would a second Stay at Home Order potentially lead to having to lay employees off? Do you have a written policy about your furlough practices?

“Essential Business” Policy: If your business is staying open, do you have a written policy justifying why your business is “essential”? Upon another shutdown, are you prepared to present this documentation upon request?

Sick Leave Policy: Does your business have a sick-leave policy that is modified to fit the CDC recommendations for quarantine and testing? Remember, those who test positive for COVID-19 must quarantine for two weeks. Will your employees get paid? What will be required of employees who did not yet test positive, but were exposed to the sick individual?

Handbook: Having an up-to-date business handbook that outlines all policies of your business is key in ensuring a well-organized transition to a potential second government shut down.

Insurance Policy Review: Our attorneys will review any of your business insurance policies to look for a claim your business might have under “business interruption” coverage.

Vendor Contracts: Our attorneys will review any contracts you have with current vendors to determine the applicability of any force majeure clauses. Does your business have to perform its side of the contract during a potential government shut down? Does the other party in the contract have to perform?

Don’t let your business or employees be caught off guard. Contact our office to speak to one of our attorneys about ways to prepare your business for a potential second-wave of COVID-19 and the government orders that may follow.

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