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Spotlight on Capital City Title Agency




“When you buy a house, we make sure the seller really owns it.”


Our title agency, Capital City Title Agency, was started in 2016 as a way to bring you a truly comprehensive general practice. In addition to being a great addition to our firm, it is a value add for clients of our domestic relations, real estate, and estate planning practices, who often have a need for title work, which can be very expensive. When you come to Capital City Title Agency, you get a professional work product at a cost that reflects our commitment to client service. 


Lardiere McNair associate Ben Worsowicz is the title agent for Capital City Title. He has been a title agent since 2014, and has been an attorney since 2013. His experience includes transactions ranging from small mobile home lots to commercial buildings and farms of significant size, and everything in between. In addition to Ben’s each member of the Lardiere McNair team has contributed their expertise when situations that touch their practice areas have arisen, from issues with active litigation to domestic relations to landlord-tenant.


We are members of the American Land Title Association, a national trade organization that is dedicated to ensuring that title agents and agencies are both high-quality and properly regulated.


Importantly, when you close with Capital City Title, you will not only have a licensed attorney handling the title work, but that same attorney, Ben Worsowicz, will be the one conducting your closing. This ensures that not only is your title work handled properly, but any questions you have at closing can be addressed, and there is continuity to ensure that the person conducting your closing has comprehensive knowledge of the transaction.


Give us a call! If you have a question about our title agency or you would like to discuss a potential transaction with us, please call at (614) 534-1355 or email at [email protected]

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