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The Pros and Cons of Seasonal Workers

Some businesses can only operate during certain times of the year. During the summer months it is not abnormal to see an influx of employment opportunities.  Many businesses tend to need more help during the summer months, as business picks up due to warmer weather.  Seasonal employment has become very popular and common in the work field. Although, becoming a seasonal employer has its pros and cons.  Before deciding to become a seasonal employer, determine the needs of your business and consider how seasonal employment would fit into your business plan.

The advantages to seasonal employees:

  • Enables your business to adjust more easily and quickly to workload fluctuations – due to the flexibility in seasonal workers, expanding your business ventures with more employment during the busy seasons may help grow your business.
  • Lower payroll costs – Instead of paying year-round employees, seasonal employees work for a few months at a time, thus incurring less pay roll expenses.
  • Less risk and worry – if there is a conflict with a seasonal employee, their employment duration is shorter and hiring new employees becomes less stressful.
  • Limited benefits – due to the cost of acquiring medical insurance for temporary employee, many seasonal employers do not provide health insurance, paid leave or retirement plans for temporary workers.
  •  Access to specialized skills at a low cost

The disadvantages to seasonal employees:

  • Uncommitted workers – due to the short duration of employment, some workers may not take the job as seriously.
  • Lack of loyalty – there is nothing stopping a seasonal employee from switching to a different job.
  • Less training – due to the quick process and short period of employment, there may be little training time for the new employee.

All workers need to be classified properly for payroll and tax purposes.  Small businesses could run into legal issues if an employee is incorrectly classified as a temporary/seasonal employee.  If you are a business owner and you’re interested in new opportunities, Lardiere McNair has experience in helping our clients explore options that grow their business.  If you’re thinking about starting your own business, many clients have trusted LM to help begin the process with them. You can trust Lardiere McNair with your business needs.

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