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Truck Accidents.

You are not required to hire a lawyer after an auto accident that was not your fault. However, an experienced lawyer can protect your rights, help you obtain compensation, avoid liability for the crash and allow you to focus on what matters: your health, your work, and your family.

When it comes to accidents involving trucks, due to their massive size and weight, these vehicles often lead to serious and catastrophic injuries when compared to other auto accidents. A truck accident also involves many parties, from the driver to the owner of the truck/trailer.

Establishing who is responsible and getting information about what went wrong requires some know-how and a thorough investigation. These questions are often much more complicated than with a simple car accident.

For example, trucking companies are required to follow certain federal and state motor carrier safety regulations with respect to their trucks and the hour’s drivers can be on the road. Yet, oftentimes, truck drivers are under deadlines and regularly violate their hour requirements. As a result, fatigue is a common issue in truck accidents. Other causes of these accidents can result from these trucks traveling at high rates of speed. Due to their large size, these trucks are unable to stop in time.

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