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Selections from the article:

“How’s business?

Business is brisk. We doubled our space within the first three months, added three associates and an attorney in an of-counsel relationship, and saw a 33 percent increase in clientele.”

“What have been the key turning points for your company?

Our clients have stepped up in supporting our business. Many are entrepreneurs, so they really understand what it takes to start a business.”

“Biggest mistake:

We underestimated our clients’ loyalty to us. Our clients followed us, and they substantially increased the amount of work they gave to us. We didn’t anticipate that, and we’re very grateful for it.”

“Five-year plan?

We’re looking down the road to expanding our footprint one more time. Our office space is 2,400 square feet, and we’d like to see it at 4,500. We’ll also hire two more attorneys and top out as an eight-lawyer firm. We don’t want to be any larger than that.”

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