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What Our Clients are Saying...

My wife and I have been married for 40 plus years. We have never used an attorney – never thought we’d need one. The issue with our home was quite costly. I have to admit, we came in here that day, the first day, and met Chris, we had panic in our hearts.When we walked out that day we were still concerned about our case, but much more settled in terms of where we would go, what the next step would be, and our likelihood of success. It’s always been said that customers like to deal with smart, nice people. That’s what we found here.

Jim Stanley

For my first lawyer that I needed to represent me, I was doing my research. With Sunni I felt a connection. When you feel a connection, that’s when you can trust someone. Sunni and the firm are really mindful of the clients’ needs and their time. I feel like they did an exceptional job.

Bhavin Desai

I’ve been a client of Darren’s for about two, two and a half years now. The attorneys definitely overall have made my life easier because I don’t have to worry about certain things when I ask them or when they say they’re going to get something done they get it done, right then and there. Darren is always there, just a phone call away.

Cardale Jones

…it has been a really positive experience working with Darren McNair, he has been supportive, honest, has always operated with integrity, and has just been a huge support system for me. I feel like I know all the staff members by name, they have been very responsive whenever I call with a question… and very knowledgeable as well.

Joyce H

I’ve used Lardiere McNair on a personal and corporate basis. I find they provide a large firm experience but with a personal touch of a small firm… They have saved me a lot of time, money and hassles with regard to my parent’s estate… The associates are responsive… and the knowledge-base is wide… Lardiere McNair is always timely and accurate with their invoices… you have the large firm experience but with billing rates of a much more affordable small firm.

Steve WittmanDirector of OperationsLink-age

My work with with Chris Lardiere and Darren McNair has been outstanding. Their entire staff at the office is first class… their expertise is second to none. There is no other attorney that I would recommend. I usually do not use the word “Integrity” when I talk about attorneys, but with Darren and Chris, integrity is right in that sentence… they care, the follow up, and they get things done, PERIOD.

Greg TrimblePresidentTrimble Insurance Agency, Inc.

Lardiere McNair provides exceptional legal counsel at a reasonable price. As a non-profit property manager, developer and owner, our organization has unique needs. Lardiere McNair is in tune which the needs of our organization, understands our tenant focus and overall philosophy, and provides the expertise to deal with complex issues. The firm is always responsive to our staff’s requests for legal expertise and guidance through legal proceedings, such as evictions. Lardiere McNair also provides high-quality training to our staff to ensure that we are knowledgeable of the eviction process. Lardiere McNair has helped our organization maintain a great reputation in the courts, while exhausting every avenue to avoid evictions whenever possible

Samantha ShulerPresidentCommunity Housing Network, Inc.

Chad was outstanding in resolving my case. I was stuck in the middle of a situation where the courts crossed my identity with an individual with the same name as mine. Chad explained all of the possible outcomes and eased my mind that he would get this resolved swiftly. Chad worked diligently to gather all the facts of the situation and contracted the court and officers involved in order to clear my name without me having to appear in court. We actually received a verbal apology from the officer involved. I dont know what i would have done without Chad, Ashley, Darren and everyone else at Lardiere McNair.

Brian Barnett

Through my experiences on a wide array of sensitive, complex legal services provided by Lardiere McNair, and in particular the direct services I have received thru Chris Lardiere, Esq., Darren McNair, Esq., Chad Stonebrook, Esq., Ashley Shellhouse, I have only the highest praise, appreciation and respect.
Their handling of my many Personal and Professional legal matters has been absolutely stellar.
5 Words sum up my experience with this group : Trust, Skilled, Detailed, Execution & Results
I have and will continue to recommend Lardiere McNair to business associates, family members, who are in need of legal consultation and services.

Terry D. Gasaway

I recently had need for a legal consultation. Lardiere & McNair were recommended to me by a friend. I met with Darren McNair and found him to be expedient, courteous and helpful. I will continue to use Lardiere & McNair for all of my legal needs. They offer representation in many different areas, which is exactly what I’m looking for in an attorney.

Rick Wolverton