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Got Potholes?

Now with the rain melting all of the snow and ice from our long winter, more and more potholes are being exposed on the Ohio roads. If you want to report a pothole, all you need to do is visit the Ohio Department of Transportation website or click on this link and report a Roadway Defect.

Similarly, if your car or property is damaged due to a pothole related incident, again, click on the link and Report a Damage Incident.

If you do report a damage incident and the department does not respond in a reasonable amount of time (typically within sixty days), you can file a claim with the Court of Claims for $25.00. You will need to fill out a claim form and file in person or mail with any accompanying documents to:

Ohio Court of Claims
The Thomas J. Moyer Ohio Judicial Center
65 South Front Street, Third Floor
Columbus, Ohio 43215

Click here for the Court of Claims website for more information.

By: Sunni S. DiNicola, Associate Attorney with Lardiere McNair, LLC. To read more about Sunni, please visit


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